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Types of Providers


These doctors have gone through medical school and a residency focused on obstetrics (pregnancy and birth) and gynecology (women’s reproductive health). They provide care for women of every age and stage, from puberty and family planning through menopause and healthy aging.

OB/GYNs provide a full spectrum of pregnancy and birthing care. They work with low-risk pregnancies as well as more complicated ones, like twins and multiples or breach presentations. If necessary, they can also perform C-sections.

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Maternal-fetal medicine specialists

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists, often called perinatologists, are OB/GYN doctors with additional fellowship training in caring for high-risk pregnancies. They often provide more advanced imaging, testing and monitoring for pregnancies that are more complex, such as multiple fetuses, an older mother or early labor.

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Certified nurse-midwives

Certified nurse-midwives are registered nurses with master’s degrees and special clinical training in women’s care and birthing. To become certified, they also pass a national board examination that confirms their clinical expertise.

Our CNMs encourage women to embrace low-risk pregnancy and birth as a natural process, not a medical emergency. They work to support, educate and empower you as a leader of your own birthing.

You don’t have to be pregnant to see a midwife. They also provide well-woman exams and care for patients of all ages, from puberty to menopause.

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Doulas are professional birth assistants. They’re trained in supporting women physically and emotionally during birth and postpartum. They can reduce pain and anxiety during labor, which can reduce the risk of interventions. Many doulas also provide postpartum visits to help with newborn adjustments like sleeping and breastfeeding. Doulas are hired by the patient directly.

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