Mobile Onsite Screening

Mobile, onsite screenings for your convenience

Are your employees exposed to hazardous noise at work? Is your company required to have a hearing conservation program?

Adventist Health Portland can help. Our audiology services department offers mobile hearing screenings. Our mobile units come right to your work site to test your employees during their shifts.

Our team of audiology specialists test up to 12 people per hour. Each 20-minute test covers four employees at a time. We’ll give your employees the results and explain our findings at the end of each group test.

We can even give you and your team training — just ask us! That way, we can help you ensure your employees’ hearing is safe today and in the future.

Adventist Health Portland's mobile industrial hearing screenings are performed by master's- and doctoral-level audiologists who offer the highest level of service available. Our team is happy to answer your questions and even provide on-the-spot referrals for follow-up care.

Hearing conservation program administration services

Even if your workforce is not large enough to have a mobile unit come to your site, we can still help. You can have your employees tested at any clinic that offers hearing screenings and send the results to Adventist Health audiology services for review.

Our audiology review service includes:

  • Company database setup
  • Validity check of audiograms
  • Data entry of audiograms into the database
  • Baseline comparison
  • Baseline revisions as appropriate
  • STS Notification Report
  • OSHA 300 Recordable Report
  • Reviews by our top-tier audiologists of problem audiograms
  • Recommendations for medical referral as appropriate
  • Prompt return of test data and reports

Baseline & annual hearing testing

One-time checks give you an idea how your employees’ hearing is today. Adventist Health audiology services can also help you monitor your employees’ hearing over time.

We start with a baseline hearing test when you hire a new employee. Future hearing test results will be compared to this baseline. Then both you and your employee will know if there’s ever a significant change.

Annual hearing screenings will help you know if your employee’s hearing protection is preventing hearing loss from on-the-job noise. If there’s a change, our audiologists will review the screening results and help you decide a course of action.

Work-related determinations

If an employee has a change in hearing, companies may be required to log that hearing loss on their OSHA 300 log. However, hearing loss can be caused by things outside of work — and then it isn’t required to be recorded.

Adventist Health audiology services performs work-related determinations to help you control unnecessary OSHA 300 entries. Unneeded entries can increase your insurance premiums.

Our work-related determinations examine your employee’s noise exposure both at work and away from work. Through this service, we can determine whether or not hearing loss is required to be reported to OSHA.

For forms related to work-related determinations, click here to go to the Forms section and print out the appropriate pages.

Audiology excellence at Adventist Health

Adventist Health audiology service providers pride themselves in providing the best of care to our clients.

This includes:

  • Doctoral-level audiologist on-site (no other provider offers this level of service)
  • Otoscopy on every employee
  • Earplug demo on request
  • Medical referral provided immediately
  • Employee survey
  • Custom hearing protection earmolds taken on-site on request
  • Local support from an audiologist

We also focus on excellence in our recordkeeping. In fact, our protocols exceed OSHA standards.

We provide:

  • OSHA-compliant hearing testing and training
  • Copy and explanation of results to each employee
  • Immediate STS Notification to employees with significant shifts in hearing
  • Records organized in a three-ring binder and provided at the end of the test day
  • Electronic copy of results on request at no cost

Click here to go to the Forms section and print out the forms needed for the test day.

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