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Hand and Wrist Treatments

Our hands and wrists are critical to almost everything we do. The hand surgeons at Adventist Health are here to partner with you to find relief. We’re experts in leading-edge hand and wrist diagnosis and care.

Your hands are in the right hands with us.

Complete hand and wrist pain treatments

Issues with the wrist and hand are often connected. These complex structures require highly specialized care. At Adventist Health, our hand surgeons combine state-of-the-art imaging technology and clinical experience to diagnose and treat issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tendonitis and trigger finger.

Our hand surgeons have world-class surgical experience but prefer to use nonsurgical treatments when possible. Depending on your diagnosis, we may prescribe more conservative treatments such as:

  • Pain and anti-inflammatory medications: We can provide oral pain medication or administer medication via injections.
  • Rest/ice/compression/elevation: Also called RICE, this simple at-home treatment can reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Bracing: A brace can stabilize the joint to promote proper healing.
  • Orthopedicrehabilitation: This includes physical therapy and occupational therapy, as well as other treatments.

When surgery is recommended, you’re in the best hands with Adventist Health. Our expert hand surgeons perform surgeries including:

  • Hand/wrist arthroscopy: Your doctor uses a tiny camera and surgical tools inserted through a small incision to diagnose or repair hand issues.
  • Wrist joint replacement: This procedure involves replacing the wrist joint with an artificial joint.
  • Carpal tunnel surgery: In this procedure also known as carpal tunnel release, the hand surgeon relieves pressure on the nerve causing carpal tunnel pain.
  • Tendon repair: Surgeons remove parts of the tendon sheath and inflamed tissue that put pressure on the tendon.
  • Revision surgery: Our hand surgeons can replace artificial joints or improve on a previous surgery.

Your recovery is always our first priority. Our nurse navigators are here to support you before, during and after treatment. Our surgical seminars make sure you have the tools to have the best experience — and results — possible.

You’re not alone once your treatment is over. We provide attentive follow-up care to help prevent complications and speed healing. You’ll work with the same team before and after surgery, so you know exactly who to turn to with any questions or concerns.

Complete orthopedics care

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