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Trauma and Fracture Care

No one plans to have a broken bone or traumatic accident.

Adventist Health has a round-the-clock team of orthopedic doctors who specialize in quickly diagnosing and managing broken bones, fractures, dislocations and other orthopedic traumas. When there’s no time to waste, we’re here for you.

Critical care for orthopedic trauma

Orthopedic trauma affects both soft tissue and bone and may require care from multiple specialists. Whether you come to the hospital in an emergency or seek follow-up care at one of our clinics, Adventist Health orthopedists treat you with personalized care.

Our multidisciplinary teams use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to quickly assess simple broken bones and dislocations as well as complex traumas. One we have a diagnosis we can get you the treatments you need.

Our orthopedic trauma specialists perform procedures including:

  • Bone fusion: Orthopedists can fuse bones together to stabilize a joint or support proper alignment.
  • Bone infection (osteomyelitis) surgery: This procedure removes infected bone and tissue. Patients often also take antibiotic medication.
  • Bone transport: This is a procedure to grow new bone in a place where bone is missing because of infection, trauma or disease.
  • Casting and bracing: Some broken bones can be treated with wearable stabilizers that support bone healing.
  • Debridement: Some wounds require this surgery to remove damaged or infected tissue from the bone.
  • Deformity correction: Bones that grow incorrectly because of trauma or as a result of disease such as scoliosis can be surgically adjusted.
  • Post-trauma reconstruction: This surgery can repair bone and soft tissue damage that results from a trauma.
  • Tissue and bone grafting: An orthopedic surgeon uses the patient’s own healthy bone or soft tissue to replace tissue that has been lost due to trauma.

Recovering from trauma can be complicated, both physically and emotionally. After your treatment, we provide extensive education and follow-up care to help you prevent bone infections and heal faster. The Adventist Health team of compassionate experts is here to support you through the entire healing process.

Expert help for orthopedic issues

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