heart care

Heart Failure Resource Center

A helpful program for patients experiencing heart failure

Adventist Health Sonora’s Heart Failure Resource Center provides specialized care for patients with heart failure. With the right care, heart failure will not stop you from doing the things you enjoy.

Your prognosis and outlook for the future will depend on how well your heart muscle is functioning, your symptoms, and how well you respond to and follow your treatment plan. The Heart Failure Resource Center provides you with follow-up care for as long as you need it. Our goal is to help you live well.

What we offer

The Heart Failure Resource Center offers education and assessment to help you control your heart failure. Heart failure management requires a team effort. Our staff will work closely with your physicians and keep them fully apprised of your progress.

As a patient referred to the Heart Failure Resource Center, you are an active participant in your treatment plan.

You will learn how to control heart failure through:

  • Staying current on taking your medication
  • Making dietary changes as needed
  • Making lifestyle changes such as monitoring and tracking your weight on a daily basis
  • Seeing your doctor regularly

During follow-up visits, your doctor will make sure you are staying healthy and your heart failure is not getting any worse. Your doctor will ask to review your weight record and list of medications.

A physician referral is required for a patient to be seen at the Heart Failure Resource Center. During your first visit, an advanced practice nurse will evaluate your health status, identify your concerns and create an individualized education plan for you.

Patient visits range from twice a week to once every three months. Appointments will be scheduled as your condition warrants. At each appointment, you will learn more about managing heart failure, controlling symptoms, and taking medications appropriately.

For more information about our Heart Failure Resource Center, please call (209) 536-3720.