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Patient Education & Coordinated Care

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At Adventist Health White Memorial, we believe education is critical to overall patient care. Patients who understand that diabetes risk factors can lead to other potential chronic diseases can make minor changes to their current lifestyle to diminish this possibility. In many cases, patients can control diabetes through better nutrition, weight loss, physical activity and regular checkups with their healthcare team.

The diabetes foot team

The diabetes foot team is made up of a podiatry resident on-call 24-hours a day, a teaching podiatrist, a vascular surgeon, an infectious disease specialist and a radiologist specializing in bone disease. When a patient comes to the emergency room with a foot ulcer or infection, this team is called to diagnose the patient.

If the patient is found to have gas gangrene or another emergency during the diagnosis, our goal is to get the patient into surgery within two hours of this diagnosis. Ultimately, we want to provide the highest level of care to our patients, heal wounds and prevent limb loss.