lung care

Lung Care

Lung Care for Adults in Los Angeles

Adult respiratory care

The adult division of respiratory care consists of highly skilled respiratory care practitioners (RCPs) who provide around-the-clock services to two ICUs, a decision observation unit (DOU), the behavioral medicine unit, the rehabilitation unit and an attached skilled nursing facility. Our RCPs also provide services to multiple general care areas and the emergency room.

In addition, RCPs in the adult division of respiratory care are vital members of multidisciplinary teams that rapidly respond to emergencies, stroke alerts and cardiopulmonary arrests.

The adult division of respiratory care is one of the few service lines that provides care to patients in every patient care area of the hospital. RCPs in the adult division provide services to patients with various diagnosis and disease states.

Some of the advanced therapies offered at Adventist Health White Memorial include but are not limited to the following:

  • Advanced modes of mechanical ventilation
  • Weaning protocols and spontaneous breathing trials (SBTs)
  • Airway clearance therapies (CPT, vest therapy, cough assist)
  • Bronchodilator therapies
  • Airway management
  • Blood gas analysis

RCPs at Adventist Health White Memorial actively contribute to patient care as valued members of a multidisciplinary healthcare team. Services provided by RCPs are highly valued by the medical center. Our staff members make meaningful contributions to patient care every day.