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Advanced Wound Care Technology

State-of-the-art equipment to treat wounds


At Adventist Health White Memorial’s Center for Limb Preservation & Advanced Wound Care, we harness the power of some of the latest technologies to provide outstanding and effective care. Listed below are some of the many devices and pieces of equipment we use to treat wounds and help preserve limbs.

Misonix SonicOne Plus

The Misonix SonicOne Plus is an innovative ultrasonic surgical tool that allows doctors and surgeons to remove dead, contaminated and/or foreign material from open wounds that result from the complications of diabetes and other medical ailments. This process is called debridement.

The SonicOne Plus system is quickly becoming the industry standard in chronic wound care. This system specifically helps to quickly break up all the contaminated tissue in a wound that could lead to infection. This creates an environment that promotes faster healing with minimal loss of blood.

With a growing number of diabetic patients in the Los Angeles area and across the country, doctors at the center are prepared for a potential influx of patients with chronic, nonhealing wounds, often due to diabetes. The debridement process allows our doctors to treat patients quickly and thoroughly with the goal of preserving their feet or limbs before an amputation becomes necessary.

The SensiLase PAD IQ Studycast System


The SensiLase PAD IQ Studycast System is designed to measure the level of blood flow circulating in the legs and feet for diabetes and peripheral artery disease (PAD) patients. The system provides three separate tests proven to be highly effective in finding disease and determining its severity.

PAD is generally defined as the clogging of arteries in the lower extremities, which causes severe pain. If these arteries are not reopened, you could end up with nonhealing wounds, gangrene, limb loss and possibly death. According to the American Heart Association, PAD affects about 8.5 million Americans over the age of 40.

The SensiLase PAD IQ Studycast System serves patients with a high incidence of diabetes, making them more prone to peripheral artery disease and peripheral neuropathy, both of which increase the potential of limb loss. With this device, our doctors can develop an optimal treatment plan to save a patient’s leg and preserve their mobility and independence.

Education & technology are key components to our individualized treatment plans


“I recently treated a patient with diabetes and peripheral artery disease using the SensiLase System, and we were able to clearly identify the location and size of his artery blockage. With this information, our medical team developed a treatment plan that allowed us to save this patient’s leg and minimize the impact of his disease. This device and other technologies give the doctors at the center the state-of-the-art tools they need to get the best possible outcomes for our medical center patients.”
— Dr. Stanley K. Mathis, center co-medical director