cleft palate program

Social Services

Social Services for Children with Cleft Palate

Compassionate service for patients in Los Angeles

Having a child with cleft lip and palate can be a scary, confusing and depressing for the family.

You may have questions such as:

  • What resources are available for me and my family?
  • How will my child's care will be paid for?
  • What can I expect regarding my baby's care and during clinic visits?

At Adventist Health Memorial, we have answers to these questions. Our social workers are here to serve you and make you and your family’s experience simple and stress-free.

Our social workers’ role is to:

  • Help you and your child deal with emotions and cope with your situation
  • Serve as a link between your family, the medical center and other healthcare providers, including the school and other institutions involved with your child's care
  • Direct you to support groups and other sources of information
  • Help you find and use any resources available to you and your child

During your visit, the social worker may ask you several questions about your family, lifestyle, job and finances. Don't be intimidated — this will help him/her better understand your needs and direct you to resources.

Your social worker may contact agencies for you and explain how you can contact agencies on your own. Your social worker is available to you when you need them to speak with in person or call in between visits at (323) 260-5750.