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Helping to make your cancer treatments easier

Every facet of your treatment at the AIS Cancer Center is planned to make your cancer journey easier. We believe in Providing state-of-the-art care quickly and efficiently, so you get in and out of your appointments easily while knowing you’re receiving top-notch care.

Because the AIS Cancer Center is part of Adventist Health Bakersfield, you get the best care possible. The AIS Cancer Center has access to all your hospital records, and your oncologist works seamlessly with your other Adventist Health Bakersfield doctors. Should a problem with your health come up during your cancer treatment, you have peace of mind knowing the hospital is just steps away.

Our amenities can make getting to those appointments — and maximizing your downtime during your stay — easy too.

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Entertainment options during treatment

You may find you spend a lot of time with us as we work as a team to fight your cancer. That’s why the AIS Cancer Center provides iPads that you can check out during cancer treatment.

These iPads come loaded with a variety of apps. Want to read the latest news or watch your favorite show? No problem. You can also read and answer email and check your social media accounts.

Help with your travel expenses

We don’t want you to miss your cancer care appointments because of transportation issues. That why a generous group of donors contributed to the Adventist Health Bakersfield Foundation to provide transportation assistance to people in need.

We can provide you with:

  • Gas cards
  • Bus passes
  • Transportation vouchers
  • Medical transport

We want you to have the best experience possible at the AIS Cancer Center. If you have questions or need help, just let us know.

Patient Admissions Guide

When you arrive at the hospital, you'll receive a comprehensive Admissions Guide to help you before, during and after your stay. To get a head start on important instructions and more, download the Admissions Guide or the Guía de Admisiones.

Patient and Family History Forms

New patients please download and print the form.

Patient and Family History Form

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