diagnosing your cancer

Quest Imaging Facility

World-class cancer screening in Bakersfield

An imaging study can help your oncologist to find your cancer, plan your treatment, measure how well your treatment is working and ensure that your cancer isn't coming back. Every test has information your doctor needs to help you combat your cancer and recover from it.

Skilled cancer imaging professionals

Your radiologist is a key part of your cancer team. He or she will work closely with your oncologist to help select the right test at the right time. Your radiologist also runs the complicated equipment that makes images for your doctor.

At Quest Imaging, all of our radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology. That means your radiologist will have the knowledge and expertise to do your test the right way—the very first time.

Comprehensive cancer imaging tests

“Imaging tests” are the methods used to make pictures of internal body structures to help your doctor detect your cancer and provide accurate staging. This will help plan the best course of treatment. We offer:

  • Breast Imaging (3D mammography and Ultrasound): Our tomographic mammography produces a 3D image of your breast tissue in 1mm slices, which helps your doctor make a clear diagnosis.
  • CT scans: These provide clear images of your internal body structures, to help identify the location of a tumor.
  • MRI: Provides extremely detailed pictures of the inside of your body that can help your doctor or surgeon differentiate healthy tissues from cancerous cells.
  • PET/CT hybrid scanner: This imaging test helps reveal how your tissues and organs are functioning. A PET scan uses a radioactive drug (tracer) that collects in areas of your body that have higher levels of chemical activity. These often correspond to areas of disease. On a PET scan, cancer cells show up as bright spots, because they have a higher metabolic rate than normal cells.

Cancer tests that save you time

Quest Imaging uses digital technology exclusively. This means your doctor can view the images and share them electronically with the rest of your treatment team as soon as your test is done.

Digital screening also means shorter appointments for you. Your imaging will be completed quickly and your radiologist will check the results while you wait. You won't have to come back if an image needs to be redone.

A difference you'll notice

When you walk into the Quest Imaging center, you'll see the difference. Our facility is beautifully decorated with spa-like amenities available. We also offer extended hours for your convenience.

We also know that cancer is personal. We respect your privacy. You'll meet with your radiologist in a private consultation room, where you can speak freely and confidentially, without having to discuss your cancer, your symptoms or your treatment plan in front of other people.

Schedule a cancer imaging test

To make an appointment, contact us at (661) 633-5000. We would love to serve you.